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Hartwall Original Long Drink - the national drink of Finland

Just about every nation in the world has its own special drink. The English have cider, the French have wine and the Germans have beer. We Finns have Hartwall Original Long Drink – the world’s first cocktail in a can. Despite being made in Finland, it was created to be shared with the world.

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World first gin cocktail in a can

Hartwall Original Long Drink was born during the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. For the first time ever, foreign tourists crowded the city and its restaurants, which did not have sufficient manpower to serve them all. To help the restaurants out, Hartwall created an innovation of its time: a ready-made cocktail that was bottled and easy to serve.

The crisp and refreshing blend of premium gin and grapefruit was meant to be produced only for the Olympic visitors, but it proved so popular amongst us Finns that it is still in production today. Over time the bottle became a can with blue and white stripes – the pattern this cocktail in a can is now known for.

Being so popular, Hartwall Original Long Drink created a whole new category of drinks in Finland called “lonkero”. It also sparked the beginning of ready-made alcoholic drinks that spread all over the world. Yet Hartwall Original Long Drink remains the first and most popular of its kind and is regarded as one of our most cherished national icons.

Original recipe: premium gin and grapefruit

Hartwall Original Long Drink is still produced according to its original recipe mixing premium gin and grapefruit. The gin is a Finnish artisan product, hand crafted and made with juniper berries, bitter orange, coriander and angelica root. Hartwall Original Long Drink’s recipe and distillation have remained unchanged over time, with only spices of the highest quality being approved. No wonder the gin distillate is considered one of the world’s finest.

Refreshing market leader

Hartwall Original Long Drink is a clear market leader in Finland with an almost 70% market share. “Lonkero” is known for its stripes that remind us of the unforgettable, original taste that you can trust. Hartwall Original Long Drink’s unique, refreshing taste cools you down on a hot summer day or after a busy week. Whether you enjoy it in a sauna or at a night club, refreshment is guaranteed.