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Lapin Kulta

The golden beer of Lapland.

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The pure and pristine nature under the North Star has given birth to a Finnish premium lager beer, brewed from golden malt. Lapin Kulta is a creation of the rugged terrain of Finnish Lapland. Finland’s premium lager beer comes from the purest spring water, filtered naturally on its journey through a land formed by the ice age.

In the harsh climate under the North Star, the sun doesn't set during a short but intensive summer. The Midnight Sun finalizes the unique growing season, giving life to Lapland's ripe golden barley. Golden barley and pristine waters are brewed together according to tradition to produce the true gold of Lapland.

Trust your senses. Enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of Lapin Kulta.

Since 1873

  • The brewery was founded the 22th of November 1873
  • Lapin Kulta brand was launched in 1963
  • Hartwall acquired Lapin Kulta in 1980
  • Export started in 1988
  • Market leader first time in 1989