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Lahden Erikois

Special delivery from Lahti.

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In 1912 Mr Henrik Mattsson and his sons, Ernst and Max, established a whole new brewery to Lahti, Mallasjuoma ltd. Their intention was to brew mild malt beverages. Prohibition started in Finland in 1919 and continued until 1932. Beers max. 2,25 % abv were allowed to brew.

In 1930, Brewmaster Bieglas and Brewery manager Åhfeldt got an especially good idea. And so was Lahden Erikois, our special beer, born, which after the end of prohibition became a true success.

After war year from 50's to the end of 70's Mallasjuoma was one of the leading breweries and Lahden Erikois it's crown jewel as well as market leader beer.

Hartwall bought Mallasjuoma brewery in 1988 and Lahden Erikois brand exit for a moment from the market in 2018 and was relaunched in February 2017. And now the story continues.