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Hartwall aboard in Polar Bear Pitching in Oulu

The national drink of Finland is served from a bar made of ice.

Hartwall partners with various events throughout the year. Polar Bear Pitching, which takes place 12 and 13 March at Oulu Market Square, must be one of the most unusual: at the event, start-up entrepreneurs jump in icy water to pitch their business to investors. Original Long Drink brings a bar made of ice and snow to the event.

Wintery business event has provoked international interest as well. This year’s 42 participants come from 17 different countries. This unique event is a great environment to introduce our national drink, Original Long Drink.

“The event has a great international potential. This kind of event, that brings together business, ice hole and Finnish sisu, that is needed to perform in the ice hole, hasn’t been seen anywhere else. We are proud to make this kind of special experiences possible everywhere in Finland, throughout the year,” says Juha Korvola, event manager at Hartwall.

Original Ice Bar, that is made of snow and ice, is circular and features the mountain that is familiar from the label of Original Long Drink. The construction of the bar was made by veterans of snow building, the builders of Kemi Snow Castle.

More about the event: polarbearpitching.com