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Hartwall becomes a partner of the Tampereen Kansi Arena

Brewing company Hartwall has signed a partnership with the new Tampereen Kansi Arena set for completion in 2021. The partnership is for 10 years, and it covers all beverage sales in the new arena’s restaurants and events. The partnership is exceptionally comprehensive, and thanks to it, drinks ranging from international favourites to Finnish speciality brews will be available to those visiting the arena.

The partnership between Hartwall and the Tampereen Kansi Arena currently under construction aims at creating memorable experiences for all those visiting the arena. With the contract now signed, all restaurants, bars and the casino operating at the arena will feature products from Hartwall’s wide range of beverages.

“This partnership with the Tampereen Kansi Arena is very significant for us, and it allows our wide range of products to shine at Finland’s newest event and entertainment venue. It is great to participate in creating memorable moments at the new arena,” Hartwall Sales Director Seppo Salkoharju enthuses.

The popularity of speciality brews in Finland is on the rise, and the same goes for domestic and local flavours and ingredients. Beer trends will also be prominent at the Tampereen Kansi Arena.

“We will serve all-time favourites ranging from Pepsi MAX to Heineken at the arena. However, we will also focus on having a great selection of speciality beers: visitors can enjoy a pint of our own master brewers’ handiwork in an environment that is unique on the global scale,” Salkoharju elaborates.

A million annual visitors, open every day of the year

The arena will house a total of 15,000 event visitors at a time. A million visitors are expected per year. The Tampereen Kansi Arena is easily accessible, as it will be constructed adjacent to the Tampere main railway station, above the railway tracks.

“Along with all our partners, we will do our best to ensure that all guests enjoy their visit to the arena and use as many of its services as possible. You can pop into the casino or tour the restaurant world even without tickets for the night’s ice hockey game. The Tampereen Kansi Arena is envisioned as a new kind of entertainment centre that welcomes visitors every day of the year,” says SRV Vice President Timo Nieminen.

Further information:

Tampereen Kansi and the new arena: srv.fi/kaupunkien-kehittaja/tampereen-kansi/

The new Tampereen Kansi Arena is part of the extensive Tampereen Kansi construction project by SRV, envisioned as a new hub for sports, culture, leisure, housing and trade. Once completed, the Tampereen Kansi will form an urban complex housing approximately 1,000 apartments, 285 hotel rooms as well as various notable sports and cultural events.